Kill Weeds Safely with Organic Herbicides

Maintain a healthy organic garden with the use of organic herbicides. Organic gardeners and farmers understand the importance of keeping destructive weeds away from their healthy plants. Unfortunately, weed control can be frustrating and expensive. It’s not always an easy task, but Organic Ag is here to help!

A common conundrum of organic farmers is how to effectively eradicate weeds without using toxic chemicals. The task of pulling out each individual weed is simply not an option for many farmers. Even for a backyard garden, it is a time-consuming task! Some people turn to homemade organic herbicide recipes, but that can also be time-consuming, not to mention messy and ineffective! Especially for bulk weed control, you want to make sure that your solution is consistent every time. An effective weed control method should include a potent herbicide with diligent application. Organic Ag has taken the time to create an organic herbicide solution to your pesky weed problem. Save time by ordering your organic herbicides through Organic Ag.


What are organic herbicides?

An herbicide is a substance that is used to kill and prevent unwanted weeds in your lawn, garden, or farm. Herbicide, or weed-killer, can come in a variety of forms. You can select from organic or synthetic forms of weed-killing solutions. While they both have the same goal, they’re quite different in action. Organic herbicides are derived from naturally occurring sources. They are low in toxicity and breakdown quickly without leaving a trace in the environment. Common ingredients in organic herbicides are essential oils and fatty acids that kill weeds. Synthetic herbicides are made from chemical ingredients. Agricultural experts are realizing that synthetic herbicides are bad for the environment and can be a health risk to humans. With the rise of organic farming, more people are looking for safe alternatives to harsh herbicides.


Why switch to organic herbicides?

  • Protect your health. Keeping your family and your neighbors safe should be a good enough reason to select a naturally sourced solution to kill weeds. Harsh herbicides can leak into the surrounding environment, including the air, the soil, and even the vegetables you eat. Keep your community’s health in mind when deciding which substances to spray on your crops or garden. Organic weed killer is the safe solution to protect your plants’ health as well as your own health.
  • Protect your plants. Organic herbicides safely protect plants from destruction without introducing harsh chemicals into the soil. Toxic, inorganic herbicides can easily harm the very plants you’re trying to protect. Organic herbicides tend to break down quickly which means that there is no residual activity left in your garden. Selecting a naturally sourced herbicide is just as effective at controlling weeds. Shield your plants from destructive weeds with a safe and natural solution.
  • Protect the environment. When you choose an environmentally friendly farming product, you are choosing to be part of the solution, not the problem! Organic farmers are key to improving our environment. Organic herbicides combat destructive weeds without wreaking havoc on the environment. Harsh herbicides can contaminate nearby plants, the foundation of your soil, and the surrounding wildlife. Commit to the environment and make the organic choice!


Do organic herbicides work?

There’s a reason more and more organic herbicides are appearing on the agricultural products market. Testing and application of organic herbicides have shown that they help in controlling weed populations. The efficacy of organic herbicides also depends on additional factors including the size of the weed, temperature, and sunlight. For the best results of a contact-spray herbicide, full coverage is important. Organic herbicides kill green vegetation without leaving any residual activity.


Protect your organic vegetables!

Organic farmers and gardeners know how difficult it can be to maintain healthy plants when pests start arriving uninvited. Organic herbicides make it possible to keep your commitment to organic farming without sacrificing your plants to weeds and pests. One of the best results of organic farming is the flavorful produce. Organic herbicides are the safe option for delicious veggies and fruits. Eat your garden-fresh tomatoes and bell peppers without the worry of weeds ruining this season’s harvest!


What is the best natural herbicide?

The decision of which herbicide to buy can be a difficult one. It can be hard to differentiate quality herbicides that are truly organic. Not all herbicide solutions have equal power, but Organic Ag products have designed one of the best organic herbicides available. Take a look at our hard-working weed-killer concentrate:

Weed-a-Way is an organic herbicide made from natural ingredients. It can be used as a contact and a pre-emergence herbicide. We’ve carefully selected simple active ingredients that give a powerful result. Our potent mixture includes clove and lemongrass oil, which are safe alternatives to synthetic mixtures. Weed-a-Way is a natural concentrate for suppression and partial control of pesky weeds. It’s safe to use on a wide variety of weeds, including Foxtail, Pigweed, and Crabgrass. Simply dilute with water and apply directly to weeds. For the best results, spray with hooded equipment. Watch your plants stand tall and protected while the weeds whither away!


Order your organic gardening products easily through Organic Ag!

We’ve been in the business of organic agriculture for a long time and we know what works. We only offer the best all-natural solutions for your garden or farm. Browse our products to find the best fit for your gardening needs. We offer organic fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, and more! Boost plant health, protect them from destructive pests, and watch your plants thrive!


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We ship anywhere within the United States. All orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days. Our online store gives you a hassle-free experience. Get set with the supplies you need for the upcoming growing season. You can order a singular item or order in bulk. Got a huge farm? No problem! We can even accommodate for larger quantities than listed. Just reach out to us! We’re here to help!




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