Boogie Black Insect Frass Fertilizer Plant Food (2lb)

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Boogie Black Insect Frass Fertilizer is derived from the exoskeletal and exudate black soldier fly larvae. It is a powdered (hammermilled) organic product used for early plant growth with diverse amino acid and micronutrient profile along with a naturally beneficial microbial population.

  • Stimulates plant immune system so that your crop is happy and more resistant to diseases
  • Contains every macro and micronutrient available so that your soil has an optimal balance for growth and flowering
  • Contains every functional group of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa so that nutrients in the soil become more bio-available to plants, which means better growth and a healthier crop
  • Insect chitin helps controls pests and pathogens to reduce the risk of yellowing, browning, or death of leaves and stems

5 reviews for Boogie Black Insect Frass Fertilizer Plant Food (2lb)

  1. Morris (verified owner)

    I really just started using it so to early for me to tell but I am sure this is a great product I was referred to by some friends that I trust , rhe main reason I bought this product 8s to keep my notil garden under control and I do believe this will work.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Bill Burks (verified owner)

  4. Robert Leon (verified owner)

    Looking forward to purchasing more products

  5. Julia Wolter (verified owner)

    Did not receive this item to date. 2 emails sent to inform, no reply to date. Phone numbers to contact are disconnected. Please either refund or ship. 805 391-3006

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