15-1-1 Pure Protein Dry Organic Fish Fertilizer Made From Cod Fish Hydrolysate (1lb)

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  • Most complete organic fertilizer, fulfills 70-80% of plant nutritional needs
  • PH Perfect. 15-1-1 is an excellent source of nitrogen
  • Completely water-soluble and non-toxic to surrounding environment
  • Rapid results, cost-effective, easy to apply, apply infrequently
  • Available in 1,5, & 44 lbs bags

Larger sizes and quantities available upon request.


43 reviews for 15-1-1 Pure Protein Dry Organic Fish Fertilizer Made From Cod Fish Hydrolysate (1lb)

  1. George Varsamis (verified owner)

    Ships quick and seems to be a good product

  2. Bruce (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shipped the day I ordered it and arrived a day early, even with the typical postal service snafus these days. I’ve noticed an increase in overall vigor and improved color after one foliar spray and one root drench. Awesome stuff.

  4. mechelle (verified owner)

    Order processed and delivered promptly.

  5. Byron (verified owner)

    I normally would have purchased this product at the store, however, the store has been out of stock. It’s understandable because Pure Protein dry is Sooooooo good for the plants🌱

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Larry Burns (verified owner)

  8. scott gallawa (verified owner)

    I sprayed the product , 1/2 strength, on my existing spinach, carrots an newly sprouted tomatoes.
    Wow, everything just took off!
    Even a problem Leyland Cypress I’ve been nursing got green and perked up.
    Very very impressive
    I’m sold for life.
    I live on the Florida/Alabama line.

  9. Doug Haynes (verified owner)

  10. Jeff Bassett (verified owner)

  11. Wendelin D. (verified owner)

    very fast delivery and instruction materials and freebie included.

  12. William B. (verified owner)

  13. Jason Hill (verified owner)

  14. Greg (verified owner)

    Thanks for your first class service.

  15. Jason Cardona (verified owner)

    Very happy with product and smoothness of the whole shopping experience. I highly recommend.

  16. Molly Theda (verified owner)

    Great stuff for compost tea food!

  17. Mark K. (verified owner)

    It’s an excellent product. My expectations were easily met. Highly recommend as a primary input.

  18. Brian Rucker (verified owner)

    Works amazing stuff keep up the good work

  19. Hollis Dow Jr. (verified owner)

  20. Robert Sauer (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with how quickly I received my order. Thank you.

  21. Eric (verified owner)

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It works great!

  23. Tim g. (verified owner)

    Thank you all for your expertise and prompt shipping. The PP dry is amazing! My name may not be Eli Manning but, “I put that sh!t on everything!”

  24. Jennifer or Kenneth barber (verified owner)

    Got this.

  25. Andrew Miller (verified owner)

    All my plants loved pure protein. I could see the difference within hours.

  26. Joel G. (verified owner)

    Very good amendment

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. Philip T. (verified owner)

    High quality product.

  29. Lon Tracy (verified owner)

    this stuff sounds amazing, that’s why I bought it. I have had time to applyuse the product once. it dissolved and was able to use in my sprayer, for a feeding. my plants seemed happy the next day.

  30. Julia Wolter (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly

  31. Eric S. (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. Great company, fast delivery.

  32. Anthony (verified owner)

    Easy purchase. Fast shipping. Quality of product is outstanding. I will definitely buy from Organic Ag Products again!

  33. Jason (verified owner)

  34. shaun t. (verified owner)

  35. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

  36. Jason Gamble jr (verified owner)

  37. Michael P. (verified owner)

    Love the product and the service is outstanding!! Thank you!

  38. Joel Redding (verified owner)

  39. Amon Platis (verified owner)

    Havnt received item.

  40. James C. (verified owner)

    I’ve used this product for a year. Reorder to keep in my rotation.

  41. Rod Sinclair (verified owner)

    Dealt with Ed (Zaburra?} many times. Always a pleasure and accurate, rapid shipments. Great to see that continues to be a feature of your company operation. Thank you.

  42. Marie M. (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, all good.

  43. Robert R. (verified owner)

    Amazing product, the plants greened up and shot up the next day! No burn at all. Two plants were struggling, and after 3 days have started to recover.

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