Agmerica CC Stabilizer (1 QT)


General Information:

STABILIZER CC is a highly active chelate enhancer and tank cleaner designed for use in nutrient solutions and fertigation systems. Add STABILIZER CC to your nutrient tanks to prevent the precipitation and salting out of nutrient solutions. Add STABILIZER CC to irrigation systems and spray tanks to chelate and protect nutrients from poor water quality. STABILIZER CC protects the bioavailability and function of essential nutrients in liquid solutions. STABILIZER CC enhances the growth and development of all plants and may increase the uptake of essential micronutrients.

Derived from an organic source of humic and fulvic acides mines from West Texas leonardite shale.

Directions For Use:

Use STABILIZER CC in your nutrient tanks and fertigation systems at 5% volume to volume. Add STABILIZER CC to the nutrient tank first and then add nutrients, stock concentrates and other fertilizers and pesticides. Use STABILIZER CC at 10% volume to volume with strong agitation to rescue nutrient solutions that have salted out of solutions, and to clear buildup in fertigation tanks and lines. STABILIZER CC is designed for and safe on all plants.



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