Making your garden look beautiful and fresh requires patience. However, many gardens have also benefited from using the correct type of fertilizer. While there are many types of fertilizers available, many people swear by the organic varieties. Organic fertilizers offer the same benefits as chemical fertilizers but without harmful chemicals.


Natural fertilizers are becoming more and more popular, with two particular types of organic fertilizers leading the way. Many people are getting into the groove of using kelp or seaweed fertilizers in their gardens. However, which one is better? This blog post will shed some light on this and help you decide which type will work best for your garden.


Kelp Fertilizer vs. Seaweed Fertilizer: Which Is Better?


Seaweeds, with the inclusion of kelp, are great, primarily when they are used as fertilizers. They are entirely natural and contain many of the essential nutrients that plants and soil need. If you are thinking about using these fertilizers in your garden, here is a guide to help you determine which one may work best for your garden!


What’s the Difference?


Kelp is a type of seaweed, so many newbie green thumbs find themselves wondering what the significant difference is. Most of the time, seaweed fertilizer comes in liquid form, and kelp fertilizer (sometimes referred to as kelp meal fertilizer) comes in dry form. Although there is a lot of overlap between the usefulness of both fertilizers, they have their advantages. 


Seaweed Fertilizer


Seaweed fertilizer is excellent for improving the health of both the soil and organic plants in your garden. Since it comes in liquid form, it is easy to get absorbed into the soil and improve fertility. It also accelerates healthy plant growth and lengthens the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. 


Kelp Fertilizer


On the other hand, kelp meal fertilizer enhances the microbial activity and improves the overall soil structure. Kelp meal fertilizer is also great at improving the taste and texture of the fruits and vegetables that will later grow, making for a more bountiful harvest. 


Which One Is Better?


Both fertilizer types are great and may greatly improve your garden. However, if you are looking to better the fertility of your soil, it may be easier for you to use a liquid fertilizer. That being said, if you want to concentrate on getting better quality produce from your garden, you may benefit from using dry kelp fertilizer instead. However, like the green thumb you are, you can decide to use both types of fertilizers as you see fit. Both of them will provide stellar benefits to your garden and not harm the environment in the process. 




To sum everything up, both kelp and seaweed fertilizers are great at helping your garden grow. They are excellent sources of nutrients that will allow plants to flourish and stay healthy. Finding a reliable supplier for these special fertilizers is the key to ensuring that you only get the best products for your garden. Whether you choose to buy kelp or seaweed fertilizer, you will be assured of the best results, and you are likely to see the difference in your garden after you start using these products. 


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