People who tend to their gardens and yards daily are likely to experience problems concerning weeds and pests, which affect the state of their plants. When it comes to initiating proper weed control, it’s much better to apply eco-friendly solutions because it’s good for the environment and the health of you and your loved ones.


It’s about time you skip using chemical herbicides and other sprays because of their harmful effects. Instead, you may want to consider organic methods to deal with your weed problem. Keep reading below to find out the different ways to get rid of weed off your property through natural practices. 




Mulch is any element, living or nonliving, covering the ground and serving as organic lawn weed control. If you wish to focus on living mulches like ivy, vinca vines, or ajuga, you need to plant them in your yard to cover the ground and prevent weeds from spreading.


You can treat cover crops, such as green manures consisting of oats or clover, as living mulch, too, because you plant them on purpose to keep your earth intact, provide nutrients, and eliminate weeds. While it’s better to grow mulch during the off-season, you can place them between your crops to help control your weed issues.


Organic Herbicides


Companies manufacture organic herbicides to serve as weed killer sprays to help control your yard situation. If you’re worried about seed germination or the pre-emergence of weeds on your lawn, you require a herbicide made from corn gluten.


Meanwhile, if the weeds have already emerged, you require a weed and grass killer consisting of acetic acid or citric acid, horticultural grade vinegar, and various plant oils. However, you must be careful when employing herbicides because they can destroy your plants and not just your weeds. 


Thermal Weed Control


Thermal weed control involves making fire or using the sun to burn your weeds through soil solarization or flame weeding. Through solarization, you kill weeds covering a tilled part of your lot with clear plastic to develop a greenhouse effect and remove the weeds underneath.


Meanwhile, flame weeding involves employing a flame weeder, a torch fueled with propane to disintegrate any weeds present on your lawn. You can apply the solution whenever you want to, so long as your sole target is weeds and not your plants.


Mechanical Weed Control


Mechanical weed control is a solution that consists of traditional ways to get rid of weeds, through using your bare hands, simple gardening tools, and proper cultivation of your land. After you prepare your soil for planting and throw the seeds in, you must wait for them to germinate before tilling the earth once more.


Using your gardening equipment, such as your hoe, rake, broad fork, or other tools, you can initiate organic weed control without putting the environment at risk. However, you must be meticulous about time, so your patience will be tested for the sake of eliminating weeds.




When you have a significant weed problem on your lawn, your best bet to control them is through applying mulches, organic herbicides, thermal weed control, or mechanical weed control. They are solutions that are better for the future of the environment in the long run. If you want to be entirely sure your methods aren’t harming the ecosystem, you may want to think about hand-pulling as your last resort, which is the safest option to manage weeds in your garden.


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