Insects, like all living things, poop. Their droppings are referred to as frass. Some insects have liquid frass, while others have small, dry droppings. Most of the time, insect poop go unnoticed because they blend with your garden plants and soil. A lot of people don’t realize that these droppings have a lot of benefits for the garden. 


Insect Frass: What You Need to Know


The term frass is derived from the German word that translates to “devouring like a beast.” It is a natural form of compost, and we all know how it can help when it comes to soil fertility in your garden. It comes from plants that herbivore insects consume, which means when you use insect frass to add nutrients to your garden, essentially, it’s feeding back the digested plants to your plants. As a result, it becomes a well-rounded form of plant food. 


The Benefits of Insect Frass


As mentioned, insect frass came from plants since they are manure of plant-eating insects. This makes it a sustainable form of fertilizer. Their biological makeup allows fungi to thrive and adjusts the pH level needed of shrubs, trees, and perennials.


Furthermore, since insect frass is made from digested plants, it’s filled with nutrients plants need to grow well. It also has beneficial microbes from guts and insects. 


Should You Use It as a Fertilizer?


With all of the benefits discussed above, there’s nothing wrong with using insect frass as a fertilizer. In fact, it has all the nourishing properties your plant needs.


If you want to hunt for frass in your garden, look in and under your leaves. You can also find it around the very surface of the ground. However, if you only rely on the insects in your garden, it’s likely you won’t get much of it, which is why it’s best if you buy it in bulk. 


How to Use Insect Frass


Usually, you will get frass in the form of dried powder, which is easy to mix in a watering can. If you use it as a root drench, you can make a frass tea with 1/2 cup per gallon. You can use it as a drench, broadcast, foliar feed worked into soil, or in a hydroponic system. 


You will also find that it’s easy to use and is considered mild for all kinds of plants. It can even be used in your greenhouse!


Where It Is Sourced


You can get insect frass at almost any specialty garden store. Still, it’s crucial to research properly to ensure you get the best quality insect frass for your garden. If you want to ensure high-quality frass, consider getting your supply from Organic AG Products.




Insect frass is widely available today and is perfect for organic gardeners. You can get it from breeders of butterflies, mealworms, or crickets. However, your best bet is to purchase from your local specialty garden store, like Organic AG Products. Now, you can look forward to a healthier garden!


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