When it comes to caring for your garden, fertilizers and other plant feed products play a vital role in helping your plants grow. If you are producing something to eat, then it is a given that you feed the plant with natural products to ensure a safe and quality final product. 


For those who have managed to build fertile soil for their plants to grow on, fertilizers and the like are rarely ever used anymore. Unfortunately, this can take a long time to make. 


As such, for those that require a quick way to fertilize the soil, many will opt for chemical fertilizers for the job of replicating fertile soil. However, here’s why organic fertilizers and plant feed are much better:


  1. They Are Slow-Release


The problem with artificial fertilizers is that they act fast and are soluble. While this might sound like a good thing, it actually isn’t. When fertilizers work fast, the plants do not have the time to absorb them before the nutrients are washed away by the rain. As for the nutrients that do get absorbed, they can lead to a growth spurt that the plant cannot manage long-term, leaving them weak and susceptible to problems like pests. To make things worse, the excess nutrients get washed into bodies of water, hurting anything living in such places. 


Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, do not have this kind of problem. They are slow-release, taking much longer to be broken down. This is because organic fertilizers require bacteria to break them down, allowing them to absorb the nutrients slowly. As such, the risk of polluting bodies of water or creating unhealthy growth spurts isn’t something to be worried about with organic fertilizers.


  1. They Offer Long-Term Results


Artificial fertilizers may offer immediate nutrients that the plant can use, but they won’t last long. For this reason, one may find themselves having to fertilize your plants for the coming weeks or months repeatedly. In the long run, this can lead to higher costs, making 

a gardening project all the more expensive. 


With organic fertilizers, this isn’t too much of an issue. Once again, organic fertilizers are slow-release. While they won’t have an immediate effect like artificial fertilizers do, they will last a lot longer. Plus, using organic products is essentially foolproof since it can be applied once and no more throughout the season. By avoiding other issues as well, using organic fertilizers is much better long term.




Organic fertilizers are excellent for any gardening needs. Not only do the fertilizers provide all the nutrients a plant needs to thrive, but they act as a long-term fertilizing solution that one does not have to worry about applying over and over again, much like using artificial fertilizers. 


That said, if you are interested in using organic fertilizers, be sure to obtain some from a reputable source that offers certified organic agriculture products. You’ll want to ensure everything you use, from fertilizer to insecticides, are organic. Not only is it safer for you and the environment, but they bring much better results in the long run.


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