Gardening is a fun pastime that also enhances the appeal and your appreciation of your home and surrounding property. If you’ve only just started to start gardening seriously, then you may have already stumbled upon one of the biggest problems every gardener has: weeds. 

These patches of unpleasant growth sprouts can thrive in any type of surface. They grow in between rocks, sidewalks, and more. The problem that they pose with growing in your garden goes beyond aesthetics. Here are some of the mistakes that first-time gardeners should avoid making:

  1. Waiting Too Long

Do not wait for the weeds to outgrow your plants! Once you spot one peeking through, get rid of it right away. Oftentimes, these pesky plants can greatly affect the health of your other plants. They are fast growers, so if they grow taller than some of your green life, they block sunlight and consume the water that your plants need. 

If you let them sit until there is a big crop, there could have been many more seeds from it that will start a new batch in other parts of your yard. Gardening may not be a heavy task, but it does take consistency and dedication. You need to weed more frequently to prevent these things from happening.

  1. Not Using the Right Tools

Do not just use your hoe around your plants to get rid of the weeds. You may be destroying the top half of them but leaving the roots in the soil behind. It is equivalent to shaving your garden: it removes the top layer, but it is bound to grow back again. Aggressive kinds of weed will grow faster, and you’ll end up doing more work than necessary. 

Hand pulling the weeds isn’t the right way either. This can still leave roots behind when they end up breaking. 

So what are the right tools, you ask? A spade combined with a good organic herbicide.

Skimming spades allow you to get rid of the roots along with the top layer without harming the surrounding green life. The long handles allow you to stay standing straight while getting rid of weeds.

  1. Forgetting Mulch

Organic mulch can help smother weeds so that less weed seeds find places to sprout. They also block the sunlight for weeds so that they have a difficult time germinating. Plus, mulch makes getting rid of weeds much easier when they grow.

  1. Not Using Weed Barrier Fabric

Weed barrier fabric is an inexpensive purchase that can last for years. These keep weed off your garden effortlessly, so it would certainly be more convenient to garden with them rather than without.


Weeds don’t just ruin the look of your garden. The unwanted growths can affect your garden’s entire ecosystem by growing over spaces that your plants need to thrive. It is important to take them as seriously as pests and all other threats to your gardening process. Avoid these mistakes for a much more worry-free experience when gardening. To get rid of weed, it is also recommended that you use organic products to do the job.

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