In their yards or gardens, local gardeners and homeowners do not just deal with insects and diseases. They also have to be cautious about weeds. Just so you know, weeds are one of the easiest plants to grow. They just need enough sun, warmth, and water, and they can now take over your lawn. 


However, weeds are not good for your lawn, garden, flower bed, driveway, or patio. Why? Because they actively remove nutrients from the soil, preventing your crops from having the nutrients they need for the entire growing season. The weeds compete for the nutrients, weakening your other plants, making them prone to diseases, insects, and other issues. 


Herbicides Save the Day


Herbicides are one of the most effective ways to eliminate them. Since there are a lot of different kinds of herbicides, you might be intimidated by the options available. With that, here are some tips in choosing the right herbicide for killing weeds:


Tip #1: Know What Kind of Weeds You Have


Before going to the store, find out the type of weeds existing in your lawn or garden. It’s a vital step because it’s the first thing you will look for on the herbicide’s label. Most herbicides’ labels feature a list of weeds they target. This list will serve as your guide to know if that herbicide is suitable for killing the type of weeds you have in your lawn.


So how do you know the weeds you have in your yard? Check online sources. Many photos and resources online could help you determine the specific type of weeds you have. If you can’t find what you need online, you can get a sample and take it to an expert at your local garden center.


Tip #2: Determine Your Goal in Killing the Weeds


Another thing you should do is to determine your goal in killing the weeds. Do you want to prevent them or just eliminate those already growing? There are particular herbicides for each, so you have to know what you want to do. 


To give you an idea, a spring application of preemergence herbicides will prevent the weeds listed on the herbicide label from emerging. On the other hand, postemergence herbicides target weeds that are already up and growing. 


However, there are also “all-in-one” and “weed and feed” products. Weed and feed products are those with combined fertilizer and preemergence herbicides, which prevent weeds while providing nutrients to your lawn. Meanwhile, all-in-one products are a combination of both preemergence and selective postemergence herbicides, which can prevent weed seedlings from emerging and kill existing ones.


Tip #3: Determine How Much Herbicide You Will Need


You also have to determine how much herbicide you will need. This way, you can choose the most economical product to buy. For example, if you’re just treating a small area, then select a ready-to-use weed control product that does not have to be diluted in water. But, if you’re treating many weeds, you may want to consider a more economical concentrated herbicide. 




Now that you know what to look for and the things you need to do before purchasing a weed control product, you can now choose the right herbicide for killing the weeds in your lawn. Just keep note of these tips, and you’ll be on your way to keeping your crops healthy through successful weed control.


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