Preventing weed infestations

Homeowners who take the time to tend to their yards know how troublesome it is to find weeds growing in every corner of their property. With each square yard of soil that you till and cultivate, there could be countless weed seeds growing underneath without your knowledge.


Most of the time, these seeds that make it to your garden develop for up to seven years, while some can reach fifty years or even longer! Although you aren’t doing anything to germinate them, the seeds can easily get by with enough moisture and sunlight.


Seeing weeds on your property can put your plants at risk because they’re stealing the necessary nutrients from them, thus keeping your flowers from growing perfectly. To prevent the situation from happening, you need to detect the weeds early and use a weed killer for your lawn immediately. 


Keep reading below to find out where you can usually spot weeds so that you can eliminate them and restore peace in your garden.


Where Do Weeds Come From?


Even though you didn’t make the move to plant weed seeds yourself, they can still find a way into your lawn through other means. 


The wind can carry the seeds from your neighbor’s yard or an empty lot nearby before landing on your property. Animals and insects are also capable of becoming carriers. They end up gathering the weed seeds from one place and disperse them all over your yard. Even your garden equipment, like your lawnmower, can distribute the seeds without your knowledge while you use them.


Where Do Weeds Grow?


By now, gardeners, farmers, and homeowners have become so used to seeing weeds because they are ruthless and tend to grow whichever spot they land on, no matter the condition. If you don’t know the first place to look besides your yard, the areas you can usually find a bunch of weeds include:  


Along Pathways 


Homes with pathways in their gardens allow owners to walk through their outdoor space without affecting their plants. However, it also benefits weeds, where they can grow without getting in the way of other sprouts. If your pathways consist of scraps of bark and decomposed stones, they become seeding beds for weeds, letting them grow naturally and freely.


Below Shrubs


The expanse beneath shrubs is often moist, damp, and shady, which is why it isn’t surprising to find weed seeds here, taking root and shooting up over time. If you discover weeds growing under your shrubs, you should grab a weed killer spray to take care of the situation right away.


On Driveways and Parking Spaces


Driveways and parking areas in your home that remain unpaved with concrete have high chances of attracting weeds. Whether you have a space filled with grass, mud, or gravel, you will always find weeds present in the area.  


Between Cracks and Crevices


Concrete, brick, or slab foundations found on your property tend to contain cracks after years of use. They end up becoming an entry point for weeds, producing seeds and breeding more of its kind. Failing to eliminate weeds will worsen your situation because their roots can impact your pavement and lead to uneven surfaces!




The places enumerated above are just some of the common areas in your property where you can find weeds thriving and causing disruptions. You need to get rid of them at the first chance you can by performing weed control methods, such as using your own hands to pull them out or applying an organic formula to eliminate them for good.


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