Liquid seaweed fertilizer

It’s not enough to rely on your garden to grow plants. Most residential properties aren’t exactly rich in minerals and nutrients, especially if you’re close to the city. Although you can try your luck in growing plants without the help of fertilizer, you may put your greenery’s lifespan at risk. Without proper nutrition, anything you attempt to grow on bare soil may just end up withering and dying within a few weeks.


There are many kinds of fertilizer you can choose from, such as composite fertilizers, organic fertilizers, or something in between. One sustainable and potent fertilizer solution you can try is seaweed-based liquid fertilizers.


Discussing the track record of liquid seaweed fertilizer


Seaweed-based fertilizers are derived from kelp, a species of seaweed that grows to over 50 meters in length. What makes it an excellent base material for fertilizers is its high magnesium, iron, nitrogen, and zinc content. These elements are all necessary for the speedy growth and overall health of most plants. This makes liquid seaweed fertilizer an excellent choice for garden beds, lawns, or even houseplants.


Although it may sound new to you, numerous studies in major universities worldwide have been experimenting on the viability of liquid seaweed. It’s proven that seeds soaked in liquid seaweed extract germinate more rapidly, causing the plant to have higher survival rates. Additionally, soaking plant roots in the solution will also speed up root growth when transplanting.


Liquid seaweed isn’t just for one type of plant, as studies have shown that it could improve the yield of various fruits and vegetables. Additionally, like geraniums, flowering plants produce more flowers per plant when fed the liquid seaweed solution. This makes liquid seaweed a prime ingredient for dynamic applications in your garden.


Discovering the benefits of liquid seaweed fertilizer


Seaweed contains over 70 enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, making it a versatile solution for all your gardening needs. Since it’s a liquid solution, you can apply it to budding plants to support their growth. Introducing liquid seaweed fertilizer to fruit and vegetable patches at least ten days before harvesting can extend the shelf life of your produce.


Besides helping plants grow strong and healthy, liquid fertilizers can also deter pests and certain diseases from affecting fruits, flowers, and other forms of greenery. Additionally, liquid seaweed fertilizers can condition the soil as the solution alginates with the metals within it. This creates a chemical reaction that produces cross-linked polymers in the ground, improving its crumbling and moisture absorption.


The best way to use liquid seaweed fertilizer


Since it’s a liquid solution, the best way to apply seaweed fertilizer to your plants is through foliar application. Kelp extract is over 20 times more potent through direct contact with a plant’s leaves than absorbing it through the soil. Spray an ample amount of the fertilizer as a fine must until traces of it drip off the plants’ surfaces. Due to its liquid solution, plants will immediately absorb the extract and show promising results the next day.




There’s no one universal way to grow your plants properly. In fact, it’s encouraged to try different ways to grow your greenery. Whether you’re building a bountiful harvest of tomatoes or a colorful assortment of orchids, it’s vital to choose the right planting strategy for you. With the proper gardening knowledge and the right tools for the job, you’re sure to grow a strong and healthy garden in no time!


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