Weeds are one of the worst enemies in a farm setup. They compete with plants and crops for water, nutrients, sunshine, and space. Other types of weeds can even poison the plants and could be harmful to livestock and humans. That is why farmers and gardeners need to use weed control methods to prevent these problems from occurring. After all, a healthier crop is a more profitable crop.


In most cases, weed control involves using harmful chemicals to eliminate growth. These toxic chemicals could also damage the development of crops. Here are five recommended methods for removing weeds from your land without using harmful chemicals to help farmers address this concern. 


Idea 1: Use a landscape fabric


Landscape fabrics are materials made from linen, recycled plastic, or polyester. These materials are woven together to act as a cloth you put on top of garden beds. Landscape fabrics prevent the random flying weed seeds from reaching your soil. They also keep the soil moisturized because they reduce evaporation. 


Landscape fabrics are best used for shrubs and trees, which are left alone for long periods. However, these are unsuitable for vegetable gardens or annual flower beds that require constant checking and harvesting. 


Idea 2: Use plastic sheets


Another material you can explore is a plastic sheet. Unlike the landscape fabric you place over existing plants, this material is used before you plant your crops on your land. Plastic is a tough material. It can completely block out the light and water and even maintain heat underneath in a process called solarization. All these methods can prepare your soil. It works by killing the bacteria, fungi, mites, weeds, and weed seeds underneath. If you want a better effect, consider using black plastic sheets as they trap more heat. 


Idea 3: Burn the weeds


This suggestion is ideal for weeds you would find on the sidewalk cracks or the edging of your lawn. Torching these weeds is an effective way to eliminate them. One way to know that they are entirely dead is if your fingerprint marks when you pinch their burned leaves. 


However, even if this option does not utilize pesticides, it is not entirely healthy for the environment. Nonetheless, it is the fastest way you can get rid of stubborn weeds.


Idea 4: Pull them out ASAP


Unfortunately, weeds are bound to exist no matter what you do. If you have tried everything you can and you still see weeds sprouting in your garden, make sure to pull them out before they grow flowers (which will produce seeds). Usually, it would take them days or weeks before they start to grow flowers and spread seeds. 


Idea 5: Invest in insects and animals


Having a grass-eater in your backyard would be a good idea. In fact, you can buy your grass-eater insects from garden stores for that specific purpose. These beneficial insects can only be used in home gardens. For farmers with a small orchard, you could consider buying a goose or other similar animals that could eat up all the grass and weeds in your orchard.




All these recommendations are effective at removing potential weeds in your workplace naturally. While focusing your attention on getting rid of your garden’s weeds, remember that you would also need to consider other factors, such as the regularity of your weed checkup, proper maintenance and care, and more. 


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