Growing and tending to living things is not easy. Whether raising a small garden or tending to a large farm, there are many things involved in keeping things organized, alive, and thriving. 


That’s probably the biggest challenge, making sure that your plants and crops thrive. Every decision you make towards their care influences their growth and how well they turn out. 


While there is plenty of debate and varying opinions on the best way to do this or that, one thing you can be sure of is going organic. In general, organic farming or planting may seem more complicated, but whatever challenges you encounter will be worth it. 


The fruits of your labor will show you that you made the right decision. The first place to start is with your fertilizer. There are countless other inorganic or synthetic fertilizers out there that boast incredible benefits. 


It tells that your plants will grow in record time, healthier and better than anything you’ve ever seen, and so forth. With benefits that good, it can be hard to resist, especially when it’s promising to lessen the work on your part. 


The fact that it’s also usually inexpensive and comes in bulk is another reason why people tend to question the need even to go organic. While you might get beautiful and satisfying results faster, what are you losing?


Here are four reasons why you should choose organic fertilizer:


Organic Fertilizers Work Slow


While this may not seem like a good reason to buy organic fertilizer at first, you must consider how it works. The reason why organic fertilizer works slower than other fertilizers is because it takes time to break down. 


The soil has to work hard to break it down. As a result, it’s not just the plants that receive nutrients but the soil as well. You’re also improving your soil and creating a better environment for your future crops and plants by using quality organic products. 


While synthetic fertilizers might work fast, it doesn’t improve your soil and even tends to overfeed the plant. Not only that, but it also depletes the ground of its nutrients, making it unproductive and even harder to use in the long run.


Organic Fertilizers are Safe


Organic fertilizers are safer to use and handle. This is especially helpful if you ever want to include kids in helping with planting and other activities. You can also ensure that any other adults or pets that come into contact with it are safe. 


Of course, safe doesn’t mean it’s suitable for consumption, at least it’s not inedible. You wouldn’t want to consume it, but if it ever happens, they’re a lot safer than if you were working with inorganic and synthetic fertilizers.


Aside from that, with everything happening around the world, you’re going to feel better using fertilizers that are safe and better for the environment. 


Organic Fertilizers Produce Safer Food


For humans, the saying you are what you eat truly comes full circle when you consider what you’re feeding to your plants. Like any other living thing, the quality of the food it’s consuming can affect its health and overall end product. 


If you use quality organic products, you can rest assured that your crops will come out healthy, non-toxic, and even better tasting. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste or quality just for speed. At the end of the day, organic fertilizers produce healthier and safer food. 


The Bottom Line


The reason why synthetic and inorganic fertilizers are so important is that it offers more instant gratification. It’s almost like fast food for plants. While it technically feeds them, you have to consider what you’re compromising. Quality organic products ensure the health and quality of your plants in the future. It may not offer fast results, but it does provide you with peace of mind that your garden or small farm will continue to thrive.


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