Imagine finally kicking back on your garden chair to enjoy the incredible sight of your stunning garden during the summer, only to notice that some leaves have been bitten away by some pest you can’t see? Not only will this automatically ruin your day, but the whole season as well if you don’t take action immediately. In other words, if you notice any signs of pest activity in your summer garden, don’t wait for things to get worse. You must hire pest control services to tackle the issue before the garden becomes a no man’s land.


That being said, if you’re here wondering what kind of pests might be in your garden during the summer, you’re in luck. We’re going to talk about various common garden pests that are generally found during this warm season:


  1. Ants


We’re sure you’re well aware of what an ant can look like and possibly the damage it can do to your garden. They’re generally active when temperatures are warm, and if you spot an ant, whether it be carpenter ants, black ants, fire ants, or any other type of ant, you will want to get rid of them quickly. Not only can they chew through leaves and woods, but some of them can give you an excruciating bite. 


  1. Aphids


Aphids are tiny white insects that usually cling onto plants, slowly sucking the sap out of them. They also sometimes come in yellow, gray, green, light brown, and brown. Regardless of the color, you never want to deal with them on plants like flowers, young stems, and even roots. They essentially suck the life out of the plant and so must be dealt with quickly.


  1. Thrips


Thrips are needle-like tiny insects that are translucent. They generally hang around places like flowers and greenhouse plants, eating them and slowly spreading plant disease. If you spot any of them, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. That’s because, during the warm summer, they can lay around eighty eggs at any moment, which hatch quickly in warm weather.


  1. Beetles


You can generally find two types of beetles ravaging your garden during the summer: the Japanese beetle and the Mexican bean beetle. The former has a shiny yellow-green body with black legs, while the latter looks like a ladybug, except that it is orange with black spots. Both these beetles are a big no in your garden, so if you see them, contact pest control.




There are many other pests that you might find going through your summer garden and ruining your hard work, such as tomato moths that can eat your peppers and eggplants along with bagworms that sap out the tree’s supply of nutrients. Unfortunately, many of these insects are tiny, so without any careful attention, you can easily miss them. However, once you start to see the result of these pests eating away at your plant’s lifeline, you’ll wish you paid a little more attention to spot them. As such, take the time to inspect your garden carefully. Check everywhere, from the underside of the leaves to the stems of your plants. If you spot any pest, contact pest control immediately! The earlier they’re here to stop the pest, the faster your garden will get to grow and look pretty without pests to stop it.


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