Organic AG Products strives to provide quality, safe and successful products for all aspects of Organic Crop Production and looks forward to assisting you with your application.


Organic AG Products has developed a suite of products to cover all of the needs in an Organic Farming system. The Fertilizer blends are all based on our flagship product, Pure Protein Dry, 15-1-1. This is a Fish Protein Hydrolysate with over 80% Amino Acid content, 100% water soluble and immediately available to the plant.

The additional blends are specifically formulated for a variety of crops, at different stages of growth and fruit ripening.

For Crop Protection OAP has two Pest Control/Bio Fungicides and one Herbicide. These are all formulations of Plant derived oils and are 25(b) EPA Exempt materials.

The products are approved by either California Department of Food and Agriculture; Washington State Department of Agriculture or OMRI for use in Certified Organic Farming operation. Additional products include: Cold Water Kelp, VermiCompost, Animal Feeds and others.