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Fertilizer Benefits

  • Nutrients are immediately available to the crops.
  • Can grow crops with one pound 15-1-1 /Acre.
  • 100% water solubility.
  • It will go through the drip, micro sprayers and pivot irrigation without clogging.
  • Helps improve ripening, which results in better quality fruit.
  • Combine 15-1-1 with compost teas to help increase microbes.
  • Compatible with our pest control and fungicides.

Pest Control

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  • Boogie Black Insect Frass Plant Food (5lb)

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    Boogie Black is derived from the exoskeletal and exudate black soldier fly larvae. It is a powdered (hammermilled) organic product used for early plant growth with diverse amino acid and micronutrient profile along with a naturally beneficial microbial population.

    • Stimulates plant immune system so that your crop is happy and more resistant to diseases
    • Contains every macro and micronutrient available so that your soil has an optimal balance for growth and flowering
    • Contains every functional group of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa so that nutrients in the soil become more bio-available to plants, which means better growth and a healthier crop
    • Insect chitin helps controls pests and pathogens to reduce the risk of yellowing, browning, or death of leaves and stems