Why Hobbyists and Commercial Growers Love Fish FertilizerOrganic farming systems are the backbone of a health-forward crop system. Centuries before the birth of scientific soil research, fish fertilizer penetrated Native American growing methods.

When preparing the ground, farmers would bury small species of fish along with seeds and saplings. Throughout the harvesting process, the fish would decompose, providing sustenance for the growing crop.

Fortunately, long gone are the days of having to—literally—fish for fertilizer. Now, you can shop pure protein and dry fish fertilizer online.



The Process Behind Fish Fertilizer

Naturally, fish fertilizer comprises whole fish and carcass products, including bones, skin, and scales—parts of the fish your typical home cook might let go to waste. Different types of fish are processed using various methods.

For instance, menhaden and anchovies are ground into a paste. The product then undergoes a process that removes oil and meal, materials that are more appropriate for other uses. The liquid that remains is known as an emulsion. Specialists will then strain out solids and incorporate enough sulfuric acid to lower pH levels as needed—this prevents microbe growth.

Now, the fish fertilizer is ready for packaging and shipping.


The Advantages of Farming with Fish FertilizerThe Advantages of Farming with Fish Fertilizer

Nowadays, the fastest methods are no longer the best ones. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, which are processed for immediate availability, fish fertilizer contains nutrients that must first be digested by bacteria, earthworms, and fungi. Though the process is gradual, microbial activity enhances the plant’s strength and vigor by boosting organic matter in the soil.

Over time, organisms break down nutrients and loosen dirt as they travel, reproduce, and process the material. The soil becomes aerated and more exposed to light, which makes for ideal growing conditions for crops.

Not only does fish fertilizer improve soil health—but it also enhances soil fertility, as it funnels primary nutrients essential for growth. Unlike their processed counterparts, fish fertilizer provides a source of burn-free nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Secondary nutrients, such as calcium, are also more readily available. This perfect marriage between primary and secondary nutrients creates steady growth, resulting in better crops that can withstand disease and pest issues.


How to Incorporate Fish Fertilizer Into Your Home Gardening ProjectHow to Incorporate Fish Fertilizer Into Your Home Gardening Project

When applying fish fertilizer, less is more. When implemented in moderation, fish fertilizer is mild and won’t burn your crops.

First, dilute half an ounce of fish fertilizer in a gallon of water, making sure to water crops with the mixture evenly. Depending on the product you prefer, adhere to packaging instructions according to how large your garden is.

Make the most of your material by applying the mixture twice a week, observing how your plants improve.



For a crop to thrive, it can’t do without fertile and biologically active soil. Rethink the way you develop your growing space for the upcoming season with nutrient-rich fish fertilizer that provides immediate benefits and long-lasting effects for your humble garden.

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