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Fertilizer Benefits

  • Nutrients are immediately available to the crops.
  • Can grow crops with one pound 15-1-1 /Acre.
  • 100% water solubility.
  • It will go through the drip, micro sprayers and pivot irrigation without clogging.
  • Helps improve ripening, which results in better quality fruit.
  • Combine 15-1-1 with compost teas to help increase microbes.
  • Compatible with our pest control and fungicides.

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  • PURE KELP DRY 0-0-20 (5lbs)

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    Pure Kelp Dry is enzymatically extracted offering advanced foliar nutrients. It can be used on all fruits, vegetables and grasses for organic production. It is a great tonic for turf grasses that suffer from stress, poor root development or inconsistent color.

    • Increased metabolic rate
    • Accelerated growth
    • Improved flavor and aroma of fruits, vegetables, and flowers
    • Larger fruits, vegetables, and flowers
    • Use with 15-1-1 Pure Protein Dry

    Larger sizes and quantities available upon request.