Grow Tips

Grow Tips – Fertilizing Clones, Root burn, PH NPK, Fish Fertilizer

When should I start fertilizing plant clones?

Give your plants the beneficial macro and micronutrients from day one! After dipping the stem of your clone into rooting hormone simply dust the rooting hormone with Pure Protein Dry Fertilizer for a super effective clone super food!

  • 80 % l-amino acids boost = rapid growth / results
  • Increased chlorophyll production.
  • Dark Green Foliage!

Clones – Fertilizer or Not?

Young plants, clones or seedlings, are very receptive to Pure Protein Dry’s 80% Amino Acid boost that promotes strong healthy rapidly developing root systems. Foliar feed or root drench your young plants with water soluble Pure Protein Dry and immediately see the benefits. Just a small amount of Pure Protein Dry fertilizer goes a long ways, especially when used as a foliar feed, and will yield healthier, heartier plants.

  • High in Macro and micronutrients
  • High in Enzymes
  • Beneficial microorganisms
  • Spray directly on your plants or use as a root drench!

What type of fertilizer is best to feed newly rooted clones?

Chemical fertilizers are corrosive and if over-applied will scorch your leaves and burn your roots. The effects to young plants / clones of over-fertilization, usually referring to excess nitrogen salts, can be devistating. By using a 100% organic fish hydrolysate – Pure Protein Dry – you eliminate the need for a for a PPM Meter or the need to monitor your PH levels. Pure Protein Dry WILL NOT BURN LEAVES OR ROOTS! Foolproof. Cannot over apply.

What are the benefits of using Fish fertilizers / Pure Protein Dry 100% Organic fertilizer?

Fish fertilizer products provide excellent sources of nutrition for soils and plants. Pure Protein Dry contains eighteen different amino acids, six of which aid in chelation process. Plants rapidly respond to and grow vigorously when Pure Protein Dry is applied regularly. Pure Protein Dry contains significant quantities of protein Nitrogen (an important source of balanced Nitrogen) as well as a healthy balance of all 18 nutrients known to be significant for crop growth.  All of these mineral nutrients are in protein chelated forms, which are usable by the crops and additionally are resistant to loss from leaching. Fish also contains more than 60 other trace minerals which have positive effects on soil biology and crop health.

Fish based proteins and other nutrients are rapidly assimilated by crops when applied via the foliage or through irrigation. The nutrients in fish are a quick and direct stimulant to the plants roots and leaves.  Fish applications can rapidly improve crop fertility in virtually all situations.  Additionally fish provides both immediate fertilizer “like” response as well as longer lasting fertility effect for later in the crops growth.

Fish based fertilizers provide balanced, moderate amounts of nitrogen and all of the other essential nutrients, plus many more trace minerals not found in chemical fertilizers. This balance helps to provide full spectrum fertility without excess of nitrogen and reduces problems with pests and diseases while promoting vigorous growth!